About the Author

Charlotte is a born and raised Texan. As a child she loved growing up in the rolling hills on the edges of Austin, playing in the lakes and cedar woods that surrounded her. She also loved spending a few weeks a year at their land in Terlingua where her family built their own cabins, climbed “mountains,” and swam in the Rio.  Once finishing high school she moved away to attend the University of Alabama where she learned to appreciate other states but ultimately that Texas was home. When she graduated she moved to Houston where she has made a comfortable home surrounded by family and friends.

Some of the things Charlotte loves to do include: taking pictures, being outdoors, baking, knitting, and spending time with her husband. She used to be obsessed with playing soccer until she tore her ACL and had to have it reconstructed in January 2016, now she enjoys watching most sports and doing things like yoga and hiking rather than playing aggressive sports herself. Charlotte has a goal to see all 50 states and had reached 16 but she started a recount when she met her husband Andrew so they can hopefully see them all together. They are currently at 8, which is the national average for Americans!

Charlotte considers herself a dog person but she grew up with a mother who did Wild Life Rescue so she is an animal lover in general. As a kid she fed crows, raccoons, and opossums while they rehabilitated in her backyard.  She is incapable of leaving an animal that is injured or in danger, which has often meant pulling to the side of the road to remove a turtle and one time she even stopped to get a bird that had been clipped by a car and took it to a local rescue center. As a Texan however she also has no problem with hunting and fishing and loves venison and fresh gulf fish.

While she has a large and amazing family of her own Charlotte also considers her brothers and sisters in Christ to be a family for her as well. She came to know Christ at the age of 18 and was baptized on her 19th birthday. She would describe her acceptance of the Savior as slow like the changing of the leaves in the fall. Her hope is to spread the joy of Jesus with those around her by showing them love in everyday life.