23 Weeks: Hello Bed Rest

We interrupt your regularly scheduled vacation post to bring you this important message. Some serious business is going down in the pregnancy department and I wanted to provide an update on our status.

Friday morning was a scary ordeal, I woke up and found a very small faint spot of blood and knew immediately something was wrong. Unfortunately I wake up long before the doctor’s office is open. I called the on call line and was told to come in at opening time and they’d work me into the schedule. I decided to head into work because in the worst case I thought they’d just put me on medication or something (Andrew works from home on Friday’s so we don’t ride together like normal).

I worked for about an hour or so and let my boss know I had to go but would be back sometime later. Andrew called and texted asking if I was sure I didn’t need him to come and that he would just meet me there to which I said I’d just call him if it was important (my bad…). Once at the doctor’s office it was a fairly busy morning so I waited about an hour to get my ultrasound. From there I went into the patient room to wait for the doctor to talk to me. Let me take a brief break to tell y’all how much I love my doctor: she is the sweetest most genuine doctor I have ever dealt with and you can see how much she cares about you with everything she does. She opens the door and asks, “Are you alone?” I answer, “Yes.” and she responds with, “Call your husband.”

Let me just say, immediate freak out mode. You know it has to be serious now, right. I’m anxiously dialing his number while terrified tears start sliding down my cheeks. Thankfully I got him on the phone quickly which is not normally the case. My sweet doctor had a grave look of concern on her face as she said I was in preterm labor and only had 1cm left before my cervix was open, the only saving grace now would be a cerclage (for more information about the procedure click the link). For this procedure she would refer me to a specialist in the medical center, roughly a 30 minute drive from my doctor in Sugarland, (did I mention my doctor is about an hour away from our house too).

We got a plan in place for me to call a friend who lived close by to take me to the hospital in the med center for the surgery while Andrew drove down to meet us. Before leaving her office my doctor gave me a hug and said she was praying for me. She also said it was an absolute miracle I was there and had I not been we would have had a much worse weekend ahead of us.

I will skip forward now that I’ve had the procedure and it is so far successful and I am inching my way toward 24 weeks pregnant (when the baby’s chance of survival is good). I am still currently in the hospital planning to discharge tomorrow but looking at a long bed rest ahead. Right now we are taking it one day at a time, inching our way toward a baby who can survive outside the womb. Once we hit that mark every 4 weeks is a new goal, at 28 weeks a baby’s chances increase to 96% survival. If I can make is all the way to 34-36 weeks I will have another surgery to have the cerclage removed and allow my body to do it’s own thing. That is of course the ultimate goal but we will celebrate every milestone in between!

I end this by asking for your continued prayer. We have an amazing God whose hand has been over us this whole time and we pray for continued protection by Him. We also thank everyone who has prayed, visited, brought food, and shared words of encouragement with us. These things mean so much!

I am hoping for weeks of boring bed rest so there shouldn’t be much to update you on for a while. In the mean time I will revert back to the regularly scheduled programming, a continued country by country review of our European babymoon.


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