UK: Cliffs of Dover

Wow the Cliffs of Dover… where to begin…

Well, first off I think I will try to give you some hard learned advice, don’t do what we did. We assumed (and saw some misleading signs) that said both the Cliffs of Dover and Dover Castle where in the same direction. For those driving this may be in fact true but for those on foot, no. Don’t follow them. Seriously. We followed both signs and the advice of people we asked, go this way and that then you’ll get there. Well it’s true we eventually did arrive at the cliffs but to get there we ended up walking on a very unsafe small windy road with no sidewalk. Had this been the only way I would accept it as is but as it turns out we made one slightly wrong turn in the beginning which lead us down this path rather than the easier, safer for pedestrian way we should have gone.

Here I am providing a map to depict our mistake which we only learned when we were finally on our descent from the cliffs and saw the correct signage:

We honestly stood at that corner and looked down what turned out to be the correct route and wondered but apparently not long enough. What you cannot tell from the map is that if you take the green path at the end of E Cliff street there is a staircase, this leads directly to the cliffs. Yep. Directly. Hopefully this map clears up that confusion for any of you hoping to visit them yourself.

Now then for the cliffs themself, stunning of course. You are so high up looking at these gorgeous chalky white cliffs with the surf crashing in below you. We also lucked out in having a very clear beautiful day and were able to see France on the other side of the water! We did not make it all the way to the lighthouse mostly due to delays in finding the cliffs and not wanting to be hiking them in the dark but we went to several of the closer vantage points and really enjoyed admiring the scenery. I highly recommend this trip to anyone.




P.S. I cannot recommend the Dover Castle at this time only because we lacked the time to view it on this trip. We hope to be able to do so next time we visit Dover, the outside at least did seem (LARGE-


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