UK: London

First of all let me say I enjoyed my time in the UK the most of all the places we visited, not because the sights were superior but because we would spend the morning with family then head to the sights in the afternoon (when our nephew went to school and niece took her nap). I loved the precious time with them as well as seeing new and exciting things.


My original schedule was (as usual) completely overpacked. Actually, worse than the usual amount of schedule overpacking because I didn’t really take into account how pregnancy would affect my ability to walk miles on end. Oh yes, by the way for those who hadn’t seen in recent photos we are finally expecting. If you read my post back in February or are close to us then you are familiar with the road we have been on in regards to that. Side note this was definitely our baby moon celebration.

When it really came down to it I had already portioned the days into the things I wanted to see or do (and sometimes eat). Day 1 of any given destination was always the most important things and they lessened in importance with subsequent days. For London day 1 was of course all of the standard London sights: Big Ben, House of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, The London Eye. This day fell on Sunday (we arrived Saturday afternoon but had a restful afternoon to help adjust to the schedule) and we did manage to see all of these tourist attractions.



After those we were walking through Hyde park to go to Harrods when I finally was too tired and Andrew coaxed me home. Harrods, for those who have never been is like the fancy Macy’s in New York. When I was a child my grandmother went to London and brought me back a tin of candy from Harrods that was shaped like the classic red phone booth. For whatever reason it really stuck with me and I really wanted to see the place for myself.

Our second day in the UK we headed out to the Cliffs of Dover which I will cover in the next post so I don’t make this too crazy long.


The tunnels weren’t made for men of his stature…

Our third and final day in UK we were gifted with tickets to Les Miserables, where my sister in law works, and we were even able to get a backstage tour!  We headed into town in the afternoon straight towards Piccadilly Circus. We of course had to go into the Lego store, by the way they sell a London bus set there that is exclusive to the store, we were pretty excited with that little gem. Then I finally got my shopping trip to Harrods, aside from the crowds (like Christmas time shopping but in May!) it was marvelous. The store is exquisite, honestly I think it should be a walk through for anyone visiting London especially the tea and candy section.DSC_0346


One last note on London, our favorite restaurant from the trip was Barrowboy and Banker. Those pies were to die for, obviously we dove in before snapping the picture!


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