Adventure Ahead

I’m so excited to announce that Andrew and I are going on a trip! We have booked a 2 week trip to Europe. We will see London, Paris, Rome, and Athens! I’m so excited I want to end every sentence with an exclamation point but I’m starting to feel like I’m yelling at you. Mostly I just wanted to reveal it now, and perhaps leave you yearning for the future posts of our 4 city adventure. Thanks to my type A personality we have a whole itinerary already planned:

First we will spend 4 days in London where we will see the sights as well as visit family.  Andrew has been a few times already but this will be my first time tourist adventure. We are quite eager to see Andrew’s brother Michael and his family in their home environment, so far I have only seen them in their yearly visits to Texas.

We will then spend 1.5 days in Paris, and now I feel I must explain this pithy portion of the trip. I have of course always wanted to see Paris but I have learned in my travels that I prefer countryside adventures to major cities. And while it may not do the City of Light justice I have only 5 things I want to see: the Eiffel tower, Notre Dame, the Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, and Sacre-Coeur (which we are staying a block from). For the most part I am only interested in the outside/ architectural beauty of these places which I believe is viewable in the allotted time.

We will then take a night train from Paris to Rome for 3 packed days of architecture and of course a tour of the Vatican. Not to mention the food! Who doesn’t love Italian food?! Pasta and gelato here I come! I’ve also heard there’s some pretty fantastic restaurants in the Jewish ghetto – one food I’ve read about is fried artichoke and it is definitely on my list to try.

Lastly, we will fly to Athens where we will see more architecture and history, and spend one day on an island finding rumored empty beaches with crystal water, boulders, and sand.

I’m sure I will have so much more to say and pictures to share once we return. So look for those coming by the end of May!


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