Raised Garden Bed

Have any of you heard of rogue engineer? He is pretty fantastic, I’m a little obsessed with his site, and so is Andrew. So when I asked Andrew for a raised garden bed you can bet he was excited to see there were plans for one on the site. So you’re thinking what’s so great about that just another person creating DIY projects and posting them online. No! He lays out the materials, exactly what cuts to make, etc. Step by step DIY perfection. So without further delay I present the beautiful garden bed we (really just Andrew) built:

If you want step by step instructions for the frame please follow those from the rogue engineer link, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t do it justice. The part that we didn’t follow is below. First we leveled out the dirt in the bottom of the bed.

Then we used leftover cardboard boxes from our move (yes we have stored them that long) as a weed barrier. I hate pulling weeds, I have in fact yet to meet someone who likes to but if you do, more power to you! Seriously. So I have heard really good things about cardboard as a layer in an attempt to block weeds.

We then used sand to ensure the cracks of the cardboard were all covered too. Like I said, I hate weeds.

After this we went back to the rogue engineer’s plans and added a root blocker (FYI we had to redo it once because we didn’t leave enough for the dip).

Next step was to add the “bench” topper, we used 2×8 rather than 2×10, then fill in with soil (or rather a soil/compost combo).

Et voilĂ ! Next I’ll tell you all about spring planting and my hopeful future of this garden. Also, can we pretend this post was made in March like it was meant to?! Oh well, at least I got it out now!


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