What Was I Thinking?

So I was asked to be a hostess of  baby shower again, don’t get me wrong I enjoy playing hostess and I love coming up with cute ideas for showers, but who you are hosting with can make a huge difference! This one was a work event, so more people than usual but also more laid back. The problem is no one took charge, or the person who did didn’t really designate jobs, it’s still rather unclear. I was asked to join and to do the invitation, which I did that day. I also volunteered myself to make cookies (we will get to that later). Then nothing, no communication, no planning, nothing. Flash forward to 4 days before the party and everyone is sending chats around asking what’s happening and who is doing what. Someone thought they had no task while someone else said theirs was decor, and on and on. So needless to say we came up with a last minute plan and it was extremely low key but we got it done.

Now for the what was I thinking part… I made cookies. Yes, they turned out great, they’re tasty and pretty (mostly) and everyone oohed over them, but they took me an entire day! No really, a whole day. I am clearly not cut out to do something like this for a job because my efficiency must be awful. No one could afford to make a living spending an entire day making 60 cookies! Anyways, pictures below so I can maximize the efforts of that day.


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