Kitchen Blunders

So the first week or so of paleo has gone by and I have only made 1 meal that just wowed my socks off. It was also the first one I made haha! This one is the Mexican Chicken Chowder recipe from Against All Grain. Basically chicken, tomatillo salsa, broth, and veggies. The flavor was spectacular, and my favorite part is that she has you blend some of the sweet potatoes/carrots after they are cooked and add them back in. It created a strikingly orange broth that was both pleasing to look at and slurp out of the bowl.

Other things we had this week included:

  • Crockpot Brisket – was very simple and tasty, I don’t know where Andrew found the recipe but it’s just herbs rubbed in and tossed in the crockpot for 8 hours.

  • “Breaded” Chicken, roasted carrots and riced cauliflower – the chicken turned out a little dry on the outside but still tasted fine, the riced cauliflower however… well let’s just say I’m seriously thinking I’ll be picking up a package from Trader Joe’s next time I want some with a meal… then to top it off I tried to fry it to make it better and added soy sauce only to realize immediately that soy isn’t paleo…

  • Buffalo chicken drumsticks – these turned out OK I suppose. It was the National Championship for college football and I really wanted some game day food. I found this recipe online and the flavor was fine but not spicy enough for me, and the sauce was made too thin to actually stick to the chicken. Now, I do believe I could tweak this to make it the way I’d like but for now, just OK.

Now for the main event: I made almond milk!

Make almond milk they said, it will be easy they said. Haha. Well to be fair once I did it correctly it was easy. But before that… not so much. Over the summer we had some friends stay with us while they looked for a place after just moving to Houston. One of them briefly explained the process and assured me it was super easy and I should totally do it. Jump to now, I did my usual looked at a few different ‘recipes’ on pinterest figured out they were all basically the same and started.

First step – soak the almonds overnight

Second step – blend the almond into milk… wait nope, something wasn’t right.

My almonds just kept getting mashed into the corners and there was nothing resembling milk at all. So I returned to Pinterest (after trouble shooting a few times on my own with no progress) I am embarrassed to say I had missed one very vital part.
Water. You need about 3 cups of water for every cup of almonds.

Once that blends and looks white and frothy, you pour it into your nut bag inside the pitcher (both were Christmas presents) or you can use cheese cloth but those are a one time use item. My nut bag came with instructions to “knead” the pulp until dry.

Then at last a pitcher of almond milk.

Extra step: I have my mother to thank for a very strong sense of waste not want not, so I thought what can I do with the pulp now? Well as it turns out others have thought this before, the simplest answer is to dry it (in the oven on the lowest setting) until it becomes almond meal.

This worked out perfectly because I forgot to get this at the grocery store and needed it for dinner that same night! I’ll be back with more adventures in the kitchen soon.


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