Christmas and a New Year

First, since we never got around to sending out a Christmas card (mostly due to a significant amount of travel in the first half of December) Here is our synopsis of 2016:

  • Pets added: 1 – Skidish Marcus O’Leary (also known as Skid or Skid Mark)
  • Christmas Ornaments Skid Destroyed: 4
  • New states seen together: 2 – New York, Philadelphia (total now 8)
  • House Projects started: 7
  • House Projects Finished: 2
  • Surgeries: 2 (Charlotte)
  • Anniversary Year: paper
  • Flights: 23

Andrew and I at the Rockefeller Christmas Tree in early December. By the way if you’ve never been, it’s beautiful but oh so crowded! The best we could do for a photo was this selfie while elbowing our way through the crowd. 

This Christmas marked a momentous occasion. Andrew and I hosted a large family meal at our house for the first time. My family  joined us for a Christmas Eve dinner celebration and I absolutely loved the thrill of hosting. I have a tendency to go overboard especially when it comes to food so I stuck to my natural ways and provided a marvelous smorgasbord. Of course I was too busy most of the day to take pictures of the food (or the family!) but I did snap these few. The first is the appetizers, a veggie tray shaped like a christmas tree, and 2 types of cheese balls shaped like a snowman. The turkey was a huge hit, I love my tried and true roasting bag recipe that includes 2/3 bottle of champagne.

I also really enjoyed making the desserts this year. Unfortunately I learned that when they look “too good to eat” my family refuses to touch them. By the way, the cake is a brown sugar – bourbon cake, to die for, that I ended up throwing out because even my husband couldn’t bring himself to cut a piece off!

My favorite gift to give this year was a hand knitted blanket for Andrew. After a rough calculation I determined that it took me approximately 120 hours of work to finish this beauty and I didn’t even cut off my arm in the process.* There was a lot of sneaking it around, which by the way is not easy when you’re carrying a man sized blanket but I finally finished it exactly 7 days before Christmas!

I got so many great gifts this year and many of them were kitchen related if not KitchenAid specifically. Yes, I think if I were to choose a theme it would be KitchenAid. My favorite to use so far is the food processor attachment for my stand mixer. Besides working like a charm (I have shredded cheese and diced onions and black olives so far) the finished product shoots out a hole on the bottom into whatever size container you need. I was able to dice 3 large onions in a matter of minutes! Then I used a measuring cup when I shredded the cheese so I could stop at the exact amount I wanted. Seriously, amazing.

Now to start the new year I have a big announcement to share. I am getting licensed to practice Real Estate! The plan is to take the exam and be prepared to take on clients in early spring. Please start sharing my contact information with anyone looking, I will be joining my mom’s team at Front Porch Realty as a Houston branch.

Lastly, I want to make a commitment to you. I would like to make it my goal to post 1-2 blog entries per month for 2017. I don’t care if no one reads them, I just want to write what’s on my mind as trivial as it may be or share my most recent pictures.


*Film reference: 127 Hours – based on the true story of a man who failed to tell anyone where he’d be and ended up pinned under a rock while hiking in a fairly untraveled place. I  recommend it to those who aren’t squeamish.


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